Romanian Map for ETS2

This is the only one Romanian Map for your Euro Truck Simulator 2 gameplay! Works fine on ETS2 with all ETS2 Mods!

Romanian Map v4.7 Features:

  • New route Arad – Brad.
  • Add total 8 new towns: Tulcea, Cotnari, Viseu de Sus, Weeda Company,  Lugoj, Jimbolia, Eforie, North Pecica.

v4.0 changelogs:

  • Add 4 new towns: Tulcea, Viseu Top, Lugoj Jumbodia, Weeda Companies.
  • Add ports for Constanta.
  • New Arad Airport transport system.
  • Constanta is connected to Tulceaa!
  • No more crash in game!

Here are some screenshots of this map:

romanian-map-ets2-screenshot-1 romanian-map-ets2-screenshot-2 romanian-map-ets2-screenshot-4More details in this video:

Make sure that you installed ETS2 before download this map! You can download this game at: ETS2 Free Download.

Download Romanian Map for ETS2:

Version 4.7 + DLC:

Work fine on ETS2 1.8.x!!WQk1RbwY!UdjBjx4HBRz6GNM458LieEE37SFLwskxwaBxOvXV_K0

Version 4.0 + DLC:

Older version:!bB8RxRCZ!ayAIPgfIbZkVv41DYoXKw2OEfCUdtO4HU6gILVKKv_8

Credits: -elyxir, Alin2008Todor.


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