Hungary Map for ETS2

Even you are live in Hungary or not, I’m sure that this Hungary Map for ETS2 will bring to you a lot of exciting! With there are total 300 cities are added in this map, many towns and roads, maybe you can find your home in this map!

This map works fine on ETS2 1.7.x and 1.8.x, and also works fine with any ETS2 Mods!

Here are some screenshots of this map:

hungary-map-ets2 hungary-map-ets2-1More details in this video:

Make sure that you’ve installed before download this map! More: Euro Truck Simulator 2 FREE Download

How to install new map for ETS2:

Launch game.
New Game ~> New Profile.
At Game Module ~> Choose mapname.mbd

Download Hungary Map for ETS2:

New Version 0.9.2:!mM0wUYBZ!JRVgRjEQ3nWUSrzosF7BZxFhcDETZK7m2TA_SaEPNE4


Credits: Frank007


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